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A global capability with local relevance

A Global Alliance

Our mission is to bring the greatest value to our customers using our global network of wholly-owned offices and international partners. We do this by aligning our approach to the specific business drivers of each customer’s business. We tailor solutions to suit different cultural environments and we deliver content which is absolutely relevant to each customer’s situation.

We are a joint venture formed by three of Europe’s largest and well-respected consulting groups: Praxi, Development Systems and ITC Network. We have a combined turnover of €35m, with around 400 salaried consultants, and 20 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Combined Turnover


Salaried consultants


Offices worldwide

The way we work

Consalia has a strong sense of purpose which drive our entire approach to engaging with our customers


Consalia CEO, Philip Squire, undertook a doctoral research project which explored the extent that a values based approach to developing relationships with customers enhances sales performance. The resulting evidence helped shape the Consalia “Mindsets” or values, which underpin our approach.

Commitment to Sales as a Profession

Consalia is a strong supporter in driving sales as a profession. The company takes an active role in industry bodies such as the Association of Professional Sales, and has also been a founder of the International Journal of Sales Transformation. Our goal is to make Sales a highly desired and respected profession worldwide.

Our Values

In addition to fully embracing the Mindsets, Consalia has a set of internal values which guide our way of working:

  • Quality ++
  • Respectful
  • Openness
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Supportive collaboration

    Board of Directors

    Ian Helps bust

    Ian Helps

    Maite Fuentes bust

    Maite Fuentes

    Dr Philip Squire bust

    Dr Philip Squire

    Vito Crosetto bust

    Vito Crosetto


    Consalia Management team

    Ian Helps bust

    Ian Helps

    Libby Drake bust

    Libby Drake

    Head of Instructional Design
    Louise Sutton bust

    Louise Sutton

    Academy Director
    Dr Philip Squire bust

    Dr Philip Squire


    Our Partners

    Consalia Ltd is part of a joint venture group including Praxi and Development Systems. Our relationships with our partners is based on a shared vision and a collaborative investment of resources.

    In the United States, Consalia has teamed with The Summit Group to deliver our unique approach to sales transformation.

    In total, Consalia and our partners have a worldwide network of over 400 consultants and associates, located throughout 30 countries and covering 26 languages. This ensures we deliver consistently high levels of quality with local relevance.

    Our Accreditation Partners

    Consalia has teamed up with a number of Education partners to offer accredited courses for professional sales development.

    Middlesex University is based in North London. Consalia has a long relationship with Middlesex and partners the University in offering BSc in Sales and MSc degrees in Sales Leadership.

    Leeds Trinity University has an outstanding reputation in working with business and securing high employability for graduate students. Consalia has partnered with Leeds Trinity to offer BSc in Sales degrees.

    How can we help you reach your goals?

    Every company situation is different but chances are that we have come across similar challenges to those you face. Get in touch for an introductory discussion on how Consalia can help improve your sales effectiveness.

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